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The Shark Series®
71 Series

3, 5 & 7-1/2 BHP, 3450 RPM Flanged Discharge Grinder Pump

Features andBenefits
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Covered by US Patent Number 6,364,620.



  • Sewage lift stations
  • Housing developments
  • Low pressure sewer systems
  • High vertical lift or long force mains



  • 440 stainless steel cutter and plate hardened to Rockwell C55-60
  • Discharge: 2-1/2” flanged horizontal adaptable to 3” flange, 2” NPT optional
  • Seals – dual mechanical carbon/rotary, ceramic/stationary, Buna-N elastomers
  • Moisture detection system
  • Construction – cast iron ASTMA A-48, Class 30, 30,000# tensile strength, protected with a corrosion-resistant, baked-on epoxy powder coating
  • Balanced, concentric pump housing and impeller
  • Attaching hardware – 304 stainless steel
  • Square ring seals – Buna-N
  • Impeller – ductile iron vortex design
  • Optional:
    • Trimmed impeller
    • Silicon carbide seal(s)
    • Bronze vortex impeller
    • Viton square ring seals
    • Additional cord length
    • 2” NPT vertical discharge – HH and HF units only
    • High flow
    • Automatic reversing (3 Ph flanged models only)
    • Rail systems 


  • Stator – Class F insulation and lead wires, Nema B design
  • Thermal sensor with leads
  • Housing – cast iron, oil-filled
  • Ball bearings – upper and lower high carbon chromium steel
  • Power and sensor cable length – 25' (7.6 m)
Note: Product information presented here reflects conditions at time of publication. Consult factory regarding discrepancies or inconsistencies.

  1. 25’ (8 m) heavy duty power cable.
  2. Protected cable entrance. The compression grommet allows for field replacement of the cable.
  3. Each conductor is individually sealed to eliminate cord wicking of liquids.
  4. Lifting lug integral part of housing.
  5. Oil-filled motor housing assures uniform heat distribution, lubricates bearings and conducts heat for cooler running.
  6. Heavy-duty motor features ball bearing construction. Class F motor insulation is double-dipped and baked. End connections and lead wires are Class F. At maximum load, winding temperature will not exceed 250° F (121° C) with motor housing not submerged.
  7. Tandem seals. Carbon/rotating, ceramic/stationary, Buna-N elastomers.
  8. Upper and lower high carbon chromium steel ball bearings.
  9. Stainless steel shaft and hardware resists corrosion.
  10. Patented moisture detection system with upper and lower probes, protecting the motor from liquid entry.
  11. Thermal sensor protection.
  12. 25’ (8 m) sensor cable.
  13. Ductile iron vortex impeller design, bronze optional, fully balanced with integral pump out vane to clear debris.
  14. “Star” type stainless steel cutter and plate hardened to Rockwell C55-60.
  15. Concentric case reduces radial loading for longer bearing and seal life.
  16. 2-1/2” flanged horizontal discharge adaptable to 3” flange. Optional 2” NPT vertical discharge available for HH and HF models.
  17. Vent hole helps prevent air locking.
  18. Screw on pipe legs for field flexibility.
  19. Class 30 cast iron housing protected with corrosion-resistant, baked-on epoxy powder coating.
  20. Finned motor housing for quicker heat dissipation.

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