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Typical Panel and Pump Problems


Source of Problem

Panel overload trips Low or incorrect voltage
Heaters not properly adjusted
Impeller blocked or bound
Impeller rotating in wrong direction (3 phase)
Motor overheating
Undersized wire in branch circuit
Missing leg in 3 phase power circuit
Pump short-cycling Float switches out of adjustment
Check valve not closing when pump stops
Undersized basin or pump
Pump overload problem
Motor winding problem
Start capacitor blows
(single phase)
Improper connection in starting circuit
Defective or malfunctioning start relay
Voltage too low
Capacitors undersized
Undersized wire in branch circuit
Not enough head in the system
Short-cycling pump
Distance between pump and panel is too far
Pump runs in manual mode only Float switch #1 out of adjustment
Loose wire causes an open circuit
Junction box float switch connections are incorrect
Pump will not operate in manual or automatic mode No control power
Open fuse or circuit breaker
Overload heater tripped and not reset
Bad motor contactor
Malfunctioning start capacitor (single phase)
Pump not connected properly
Wrong voltage
Junction box pump connections are incorrect
Blown fuse or open circuit breaker Short to ground in panel
Shorted contactor coil
Moisture in panel
Bad wire in branch circuit
Grounded power cord
Moisture has entered the pump housing
Grounded motor
Only one pump cycles in a duplex system Overload, fuse, or breaker open
Inoperable lag (#3) float switch
Pump selector switch in "off" position
Alarm activates on a regular basis Alarm float out of adjustment
Undersized pump
Impeller turning in wrong direction (3 phase)
Malfunctioning pump in a 3-float duplex system
System is air-locking
Inconsistent pump operation Impeller is getting bound
System is air-locking
Impeller rotating in wrong direction (3 phase)
Malfunctioning starting circuit (single phase)
Motor windings deteriorating